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Name:Superwoman (Cir-El)
Website:MDC Universe
Name: Jett
Age: 33
OOC Journal: [personal profile] mangacide
Contact info: AIM: Masartham
Plurk: Mangacide

Character: Mia Ellis (aka Superwoman aka Cir-El)
Character Journal: [personal profile] cir_el
Characters Age: 24
Hero or Villain: Hero
Series of Origin: Superman
Universe of Origin: DC
Personality: As Mia, she is for the most part upbeat and happy. She strives hard to keep dark thoughts away as much as possible. It isn't always easy though especially with a legendary figure like Superman to live up to. Whether she is at work, relaxing, or out helping people in need though Cir-El tries her hardest to keep her outlook bright and her attitude positive. She can be somewhat forgetful, and loses track of time easily when she's being sociable. It seems like Mia may be repressing a lot of negative feelings left over from her time in the laboratory, so when her fighting can almost seem like a true alternate personality. Another contributing factor to this could also be the conditioning she was put through. When she is in costume, as Cir-El, she can be much more serious. At her job she tends to ham it up. Having learned from Kal how to fake being much more clumsy than she really is.

Background: Mia Ellis lived in a Rural part of New England. She grew up near the sea, a fairly happy and carefree life, though it was not at all easy for her parents to deal with her. Mia was both an average, and an abnormal child. She wasn't a human, but a Daxamite. However this information was unknown to her parents and her powers remained dormant for most of her young life. This was partially due to there being a higher concentration of lead in the water where she lived, delaying even further the development of powers that would normally have manifested around puberty. Because of this neither she, her family, nor her friends ever knew what she was. Only a blood analysis would have uncovered the truth, and as a seemingly healthy and normal young woman no testing was ever required. Adopted from an orphanage as an infant, her origins before that are completely unknown, and she never had cause to wonder.

Mia grew up an average girl in an average town, and seemed destined to lead a happy, if unremarkable life.

But as so often happens, Mia's life was about to take a turn toward the dramatic.

Mia had just graduated High School. She was 18 and for a small amount of time before starting college the young woman was experiencing a bit of freedom and independence. She and her friends were taking a road trip, heading to Metropolis to see the city and do some shopping and generally enjoy their time together before it was time to start growing up. The sun was warm, they had fresh bottled water and things were going wonderfully until a random act of fate sent an 18 wheeler careening towards them. The driver had passed out trying to keep himself awake for more than 72 hrs to finish the run and now a pileup was immanent.

Of the passengers in her car that day; Mia was the only survivor. Though she would never know it. She was rushed to Metropolis General Hospital with head trauma. However all her other injuries appeared to be minor at best. She was a medical mystery but because of her concussion and comatose state no one could question her about how or why she survived or even who she was. All they could do was blood work, and even then only because her power had only barely begun to manifest before she was removed from contact with the sun.

The Doctors discovered that her genetic code wasn't human but couldn't do anything with this information because as a hospital they had very limited experience with alien DNA. It took a call to STAR Labs for them to finally find out what she was and even then they had never seen anything like it before and seemed perplexed that she had managed to remain so completely average for so long. Still they were limited in their abilities. Mia was still in a coma and no one knew who she was. So it was that she remained unknown and unnoticed. One year passing into the next. Until a physician secretly working with Cadmus happened upon her bloodwork.

The operative contacted his superiors and arranged for her to be taken in for testing, as they'd just made plans to implement a new 'project super' program, abandoning their original ideas of Cloning Superman in favor of DNA grafting onto preexisting 'subjects', using a serum that had been concocted with a sample of DNA taken from Superman himself after he'd fallen back to earth, having just hurled the Kryptonite Continent into outer space. When at last Mia awoke from her coma she was immediately escorted away from the hotel and taken to the CADMUS facility. Scared and confused, she was put through a battery of tests where they discovered that the Daxemite genetic code was similar to the Kryptonian genetic code which made her body more adaptable and therefore better able to handle such experiments as DNA alteration and artificial enhancement. They hoped that if they combined the two genes, they could mutually cancel out both the lead weakness and the weakness to kryptonite, or at least dilute it enough so that it wouldn't be as crippling as it would be at full potency. They code-named the Experiment Cir-El.

What followed after that was an unknown amount of time in the Cadmus compound, as they rewrote her DNA bit by bit. At the same time working with her already damaged mind in hopes of creating a better, faster, and above all, more obedient warrior that would be the governments new attack dog. After most of the sessions, Mia was left huddled in on the floor of her cell, horribly confused and passing in and out of consciousness, and trying to untangle the psychological mess they'd made of her mind. It was during one of these near catatonic episodes that Mia heard one of the scientists refer to her by her experiment name; Cir-El. In her confusion Mia assumed that this must be her actual name, completely unaware that the name was in fact derived from the true name of the person who's DNA the serum was made from; Kal-El. Regardless though the name gave her a point of focus though, and while her memories were still completely gone, she now knew at least that she wasn't a creation of the lab. Not completely. She had a name, not just a project number. And that meant she had been someone before she'd come to be there.

Meanwhile the heads at CADMUS had planned carefully that the final serum injection would contain an 'activator' which would jump start her solar absorbing genes. Once that injection was made all her kryptonian based powers would turn on and she would be fully empowered and mission ready. When they felt (against the wishes of the psychologists) that it was at last time for the final phase she was taken down to the testing chamber 15 minutes before the injection was to be given.

The chamber was equipped with huge panels which generated artificial solar radiation. Like an industrial sized tanning salon. These allowed her to soak up the all-important solar radiation that would allow her powers to manifest. That would prove to be their biggest mistake.

When Mia received the final dose her altered genetic code reacted almost instantly. Her entire body felt as though it were on fire and easily breaking her metal restraints (much to her surprise) Mia clutched her head in pain. She found then that it was similarly easy to free the rest of her body. Stepping down from the restraining table she stumbled about blindly until, In a horrific moment, she manifested flight and super speed for the first time destroying most of the lab equipment and nearly collapsing the lab itself as she shot up diagonally through all four stories of the laboratory. Flying at incredible speeds out into the skies, where she stayed until she was too exhausted to go on. Finally she came to an awkward and exhausted landing in a river in NYC thanks to the aid of Spiderman. The only clothing she had was her test uniform.

After getting settled and meeting Superman in person Mia was recaptured by CADMUS, where they aggressively reprogrammed her mind to ensure that she would obey commands given to her by her superior officers in any given situation. She was given rigorous combat training. Her new cell, and in fact most of the compound where she is being held was reconstructed out of the indestructible metal Adamantium. Paid for with an extremely generous donation from Cadums' new government associate, S.H.I.E.L.D. Both of whom are notorious for upholding the law only when it's convenient for them. After an intense battle she was recovered through the efforts of Superman and taken to the Fortress of Solitude where she awoke in a stasis chamber.

Then, at long last Mia's full memory returned to her and she left almost instantly to find her family, only to discover that they were gone. Nothing was left of the home she'd grown up in but a crumbling foundation in an overgrown field. Mia was crushed, and spent a long time sitting on a hill that had once overlooked her house. Eventually she was convinced to get up and get moving once more and has since gotten a place in New York where she works as a protector to the city, trying to put the past behind her even as she wonders just what happened to her family after that fateful accident just 5 years ago. She's made contact and works with Oracle, and has become friends with a woman named Cindy who made a gift of some very special boots for her that don't wear out or wear down. As Cir-El she's made an unusual friend of Harlequin who she sometimes has to prevent from causing mischief in the city.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Powers and/or Special Skills: A hybrid of Daxamite/Kryptonian origin, Mia possesses vast super strength, speed & stamina; various extra sensory and vision powers ( including super hearing and x-ray vision); tremendous lung capacity and super breath (wind and ice); invulnerability and flight.

Her "trademark" power is the ability to release her stored solar energy from her hands as "Red Sunbursts", blasts of red solar radiation (the very wavelength of sunlight that Superman loses his powers under) that strike an enemy with intense heat and force. Like Superman, she is vulnerable to Kryptonite, and because she's a Daxamite, she is also vulnerable to lead though the tampering done to her genetic code has made it so that it takes longer for either of those things to affect her.

Current Location: New York

Anything else we should know? Mia has never showed much interest in superheros, even as a teenager, she didn't have the usual 'girlish crush' that most girls had on hero's of the day. Instead, she found herself more attracted to bumbling, shy boys who seemed much more approachable to her than the near-faceless celebrity that superheroes seemed to have. Because of this, she has a rather odd attraction to what most people would call, nerds.

Physical description: Mia has raven black hair which falls in waves to the middle of her back, Ice blue eyes, and light skin, Her costume, while bearing an insignia similar to Superman’s, is almost entirely red and black. The suit is made up of a black short sleeved dress with the red and black 'S' insignia on the chest, a pair of grey leggings, and a red coat and boots. Her belt (the buckle of which used to bear the red and black 'S' insignia which was actually a secret tracking device designed by cadmus but now bears a simple silver oval.) is also red, The fingerless gloves she wears match her leggings. Her 'S' crest has a white background and a red insignia.

When she's not in costume, she usually dresses in comfortable clothing like jeans and T-shirts, or knee-length skirts, and keeps her hair clipped up loosely on top of her head.

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